B.O.B Concert!

Posted On September 15, 2010

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Hey Cazmos!!!

This weekend B.O.B Concert at these times:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~Ambassador Top Speed~

~Spread The World~

~  http://speed4ever.wordpress.com/ ~


13 Responses to “B.O.B Concert!”

  1. james 11

    hahahhahahahahahahaha what a donky u are look at yr header

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      i didnt do that xO

  2. branspot

    nice header donkey

  3. Bigdawg

    what is this twinkles remove it fast . we will bann u from pcap group center

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      bigdawg.i never did that.someone changed my header xO
      i didnt do that i promise.

  4. speed4ever

    Wh@t is this he@der twinkels???

  5. Twinkles

    IDK Speed..it wasnt me.im about to cry 😦
    i just got smacked but i dont care about that..Im just scared xO

  6. Twinkles

    Why would i do something about donkeys.I love planet cazmo.Some hacker did that.

  7. Top Speed

    it’s ok
    just keep your blog s@ve

  8. rafealmsm

    what happen guys

  9. rafealmsm

    yeah bigdawg i think she will never do that did u forget that she is gold ambassador why she is going to do something about donkeys .. well i think twinkles u should save yr blog and iam with u .. thanx

    Rafeal msm

  10. Bigdawg

    someone hacked me! that other post was NOT bigdawg!

  11. speed4ever

    omg really?
    you should make wordpress account

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