cคz๓๏ ๏Ŧ tђє ฬєєк!!

Congrats! ~Kitty~

Congrats! ~Kitty~

Cazmo Of The Week

cazmo of the weekcazmo-of-the-week

cowThis is cazmo of the week everyone!

Woots, good job!

Woots, good job!

Lzeave a comment!!!


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11 Responses to “cคz๓๏ ๏Ŧ tђє ฬєєк!!”

  1. hotstar101

    nice page

    go to my site


  2. Devi

    I enter every week and never get picked )’: lol

    • twinkles12

      Me either.Well that’s ok.You’ll get a chance some time.

  3. Devi

    lol i’m sure you will too (:
    and now they get a nice fancy throne for a week ((:

    • twinkles12

      aww ty.i try my best to keep pc safe.and umm
      always remember
      ~spread the world~

  4. Kitty

    wow really? wow im VERYY surprised.:o cause devi and twinkles are like one of the nicest kindest ppl i know! and you guys always follow the rules

    • twinkles12

      aww.so sweet of you HKR.ur such a kool pc friend.:D

  5. Coco589

    Just keep on trying.

  6. 101LiSaRoX101

    hey twinkerzz nice site you rock my site is 101planetcazmo101.webs.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. keller98

    I can’t wait until I become Cazmo of the Week. If I ever get picked: LOL!

  8. aaleyah7

    who is the princesees

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