Sneek Peek Of my Club Penguin

Sparkle1006command roomcool cloudscp housepc vs cp


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21 Responses to “Sneek Peek Of my Club Penguin”

  1. The Gaming King


    • EJ88

      Yea I love club Penguin but I think p.c is WAYYY better

      • Ambassador Twinkles

        OF COURSE!!!Lol..jk..thats my opinion..I wouldn’t like to startle a big convo about this..hehe..But my opinion..PLANET CAZMO IS WAY BETTER xD

      • EJ88

        yea u bet my club penguin account is Diva18 lol

  2. boorex

    dude planet cazmo is the best

  3. carzaking

    i quit cp cuz im bored of it

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      yeah.that was an old post.haha.

  4. Cheezydude

    I Saw You On Club Penguin Before.

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      Awesome xP

      • filp

        eh y ubreakerd rules

  5. crazymusic

    OoO im yer friend on cp xD Nice blog

  6. EJ88

    Hey Twinkles I have a club penguin account too it’s Diva18 I LOVE ur blog

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      Lol.Thanks xD

  7. cazmoxoxo

    twink how u get toda other place?

  8. EJ88

    Hey Twinkles I just wanna say that with ur article u did for through a noobs eye I think thats nice of u for doing that because I am a noob I have got no membership and I just wanna give a shout out to my member friends purplepokerdots and crazymusic and cuteandawesomegrl! thx for making me ur friend when im just a noob. 😀 oh and by the way I do have some badges so im not technically a new noob and twinkles I think u r a great role model for them noobs and I do look up to u as my role model!

  9. 100percent CRAZY

    I got banned on CP. rofl. :D. Idk why thouuuuugh….Likeee realllllllyy. But I made a neww oneee,, but that one i wuz 1000 n sumthin:( WELL IM BORED. YEEEERRR BLOOOGG ROOOCKSS.. hehe adios twinkayz

  10. pink tiger 1

    i like the planet cazmo vs club penguin! my favorite is planet cazmo too! club penguin is not realy as fun as planet cazmo!

  11. kayla0911

    My oppinion is…..

  12. PCBH

    I dont get why people like club penguin. My name changed to P284859094 or something. Well Bye bye M’am

  13. ace 22

    well cp kinda sucks cuz you cant buy anything without a membership so yeah……..PLANET CAZMO ROCK!!!xC

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