jeffoscar the couchpiffle

syncMC sigmundcrazy legs


i currently havent taken pics for these mods:

Dj Stylus- Flava Flavius- Gneechy- Oscar the Couch-  Zab-Piffle-Bigdawg-Flowerpuff

Ive seen all of them.Just forget to take their pics all the time.lol


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14 Responses to “ⓜⓞⓓⓔⓡⓐⓣⓞⓡⓢ”

  1. Devi

    crazy legs is awesome! just like all the other mods (:

    • twinkles12

      Yeah.I love all the mods on PC.They are soo nice.Especially that they care for all the cazmos and treats us very well.xD

  2. Broken hearted

    One thing, there are only 3 mods? ROFL thats not right! LOL
    ~xoxo BH

    • twinkles12

      ha ha.i know.just that i couldn’t take a pics of all of them.i am adding more by day.xD
      sooo yeah.sorry bout that

  3. Devi

    lol the nice part is that you get to see most of them at some point (:

  4. DOTdotDOT

    Argh, wheres Oscar the Couch?!

    • twinkles12

      tried to take pics.you know.he doesn’t go on a lot.xD

  5. I Sk8terGirl I

    Geeezzzzzzzzzzzzz! I think your site is pretty good. 😀

    • twinkles12

      thanks.pretty good compared to a trash bag.lol.xD
      ~spread the world

  6. jackson142

    wow lots of mods

  7. youtubegirl18

    Mods RULE !!!!

  8. tigerredudex

    what about big blue?? and big dawg

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      big blue is bigdawg.lolz

  9. pinktiger12

    one time we saw crazy legs and he gave us a gift! lol! o and ur blog is the best thing our eyes ever saw! ur the best Twinkles!!!!!!!

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