If You Need Help :D

Anyone need help on thier blog?? post a comment down there 😀


~spread the world~


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13 Responses to “If You Need Help :D”

  1. macie1

    heyy if u could i do need help… u tried to tell me how to add u as something while i was on cazmo i forgot sorry… thanks for all your help so far with my blog! i really hope someday i beccome an abassador too…like u..!

  2. ej88luvscazmo

    I NEED HELP SOOOOO BAD CAN U HELP ME PLZZZZ its ejluvscamzo.wordpress.com

    • Ambassador Twinkles


  3. EJ88

    oh sorry its ej88luvscazmo.wordpress.com

  4. youtubegirl18

    plzz help me twink PLZ

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      ill help you…sure..umm you know my email rite?or ill just comment on your site.xD

      • youtubegirl18

        idk wats ur eamil is and me dont have a site

  5. pink tiger 1 and 2

    twinkles can you help me too?

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      well…maybe in a while from now.Right now,Im going to school so its a big deal.I can’t help now.xIll help next summer though or something..When i have time.K?

      • pink tiger 1 and 2

        k thanks.

  6. pink tiger 1

    hey twinkles thanks for adding me on pc!

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