Guess that cazmo….:D

ok this weeks game is that im am going to describe a cazmo on pc and you would have to guess who it is.ok everyone ready?

This cazmo has light blue hair.She has the initials of SH.She is a beta.She is not an ambassador.She is wearing a black vote-o- rama shirt and red baggies.




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33 Responses to “Guess that cazmo….:D”

  1. DOTdotDOT

    Aww..Dont u have any pics of the person?Crop out the name?

    • twinkles12

      Then,it would be obvious.:D

    • Lee900

      i no the cazmo its betaomer

      • pclover12

        do yo mean i KNOW the cazmo?

        ~Ambassador Rico/Admin

  2. DOTdotDOT

    Oh darn I can think of someone but Im not sure what she looks like coz I havent seen her in a while!:/

  3. twinkles12

    lol after i told you.lmao.ok
    its HB.

  4. Ambassador Roblox12


    and if u knew mike isnt pcap anymore if it is him…

  5. twinkles12

    nope its not
    these are random ppl on my buddy list xD

  6. xgymnasticsx1

    Mighty Buzz!!!!!!

  7. loveprincesspc



  8. I Sk8terGirl I

    hmm beta omer? O.o

    I Sk8ter Girl I

  9. Chris AKA Kidsmistey


  10. sarcasom

    is it hmmmm random gess um errr the united kingdomwrong i no

  11. pclover12

    BETA OMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. propelpc

    Beta Omer I have alot of skate boards but not ones that cost C Cash

  13. Beta Tito

    Its Hey Hey Hey!

    ~Beta Tito
    Spread The World!

  14. GYMM


  15. Scoty boy

    i think it Score boy is hafe of those things

  16. Yield

    i think its Beta Omer

  17. yottubegirl18

    its a mod its BetaOmer

  18. youtubegirl18

    its a mod lol its betaomer hes the best mod lol

    • Hey hey hey

      Betaomer is not a mod he doesnt even play anmore

      • Ambassador Twinkles

        its not beta omer…gosh

  19. youtubegirl18

    its Jeff

  20. joe128

    i think its jeff..

  21. gibsonspcblog

    Hmmm…. Spikey Hair Is it Dino Di hair?


  22. kayla0911

    OMG SO EASY ITS JEFF the mod dude

  23. Padme star wars

    the Mod dude?

  24. ☠ TechnoSPARX ☠

    Omg, blue spikey hair, orange beard?!?! Thank you ClubCazmo! ITS JEFF!

  25. Beta Dante

    JEFF I KNOW IT!!!!!
    ~Ambassador Beta Dante~

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