Type out the music that you want and your blog’s name and I will make a music player for you.You can also contact me on planet cazmo.When I am done with your music player I will post it onto your blog as a comment.You will have to copy and paste it then add it to your wigets.thank you 😀


~Spread The World


Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.


  1. pcwwedude

    i would like one the music that i want is…. David archleta any songs from him jonas brothers luv bug bon jovie wanted dead or alive and any other song you would like to put there

  2. masjr

    Plz could i hav one!

    Soulja boy tell em, Kiss me thru the phone
    Ciara, Takin back my love
    Michael Jackson, The way you make me feel
    The script, Breakeven


    My site is


    • Ambassador Twinkles

      sure 😀 you may.ill be done in no time
      it takes me a while though

  3. masjr

    ok could i also hav i gotta feeling by blackeyed peas
    sweet dreams by beyonce
    and tincy stryder ft n dubz NUMBER 1

    thanx XP

  4. billonare

    heyz its pongo my blog is http://billonare.wordpress.com

    do u have any soulija boyz: kiss me thru the phone
    taylor swift: love story, white horse,you belong with me
    miley cyrus: butterfly fly away, the climb,

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      on yeah.the playlist will take me a while though.is that ok?

  5. propelpc

    I already have one

  6. Bryden

    hey its bryden my blog is allaboutplanetcazmo.webs.com

    add me fire burning sean kingston

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      ok it will take a while kk

  7. Bryden

    oh and ya david archuleta songs and souljia boy

    lady gaga selena gomez ciara the script

  8. loveprincesspc

    yo I wanna change my music lol

    Town ft. – Rihana, JZ, and Kane West
    Just Dance, Poker Face, Love Game, – Lady Gaga
    Party In The USA, The Climb, Hoe Down – Miley Cyrus
    When I grow Up, I hate this part right here – Pussycatdolls
    So what, Sobber – Pink
    I kissed a girl, Hot N Cold- Katey Perry
    Give you Hell, Move Along – All american Rejects
    Birthday xxx – Jerimiah

    And Thats all! Thanks Twinkles!

  9. billonare

    hey its pongo again
    plz could i have taylor swift:
    ooh and my blog is
    thxs again!

  10. jackson142

    i want whatever songs of Michael Jackson

  11. Twinkles


  12. Twinkles


  13. Twinkles


  14. Twinkles


  15. techienoob

    Hey Twinkles, I want a music player plz. Metro Station Seventeen Forever, Owl City Fireflies okay.

  16. dewdrophoneycake10

    oh oh!! XDD I would like Lady Gaga songs any songs from her and i also want..well nothing else XDD Just Lady Gaga thanks!!! my blog is Dewdrophoneycake10.wordpress.com

  17. Ambassador to be Lauren411

    oo hey twink i want(if its not too much)
    imma be,i got a feeling -black eyed peas
    poker face, bad romance- lady gaga
    you belong with me- taylor swift
    down- jay sean


  18. Ambassador to be Lauren411

    oo i also want at least one of the following mj songs:

    man in the mirror
    black or white
    billie jean
    earth song

    thxxxxxxxxx bestie

  19. Ambassador to be Lauren411

    if this is not too much u can delete one of the songs above(i feel greedy)
    tie me down-new boyz
    one of the famous lincoln songs

    actuallly i dont want the mj songs of taylor swift…

  20. Ambassador to be Lauren411

    wat i mean by lincoln is lincoln park…

  21. Ambassador to be Lauren411

    twink i messed up the ipod…
    i went on mixpod and made a playlist and got the code..buht when i entered the code…then look at my site it only shows a button yew have to press…did i puht the right code??

  22. Ambassador to be Lauren411

    H.E.L.P. P.L.E.A.S.E. T.W.I.N.K.L.E.S. DX

  23. loveprincess1


    tik tok ke$ha
    blah blah blah ke$ha
    telephone lady gaga
    boom boom pow black eyed peas
    tonights gonna be a good night black eyed peas
    meet me halfway black eyed peas
    blame it on pop dj earworm
    you belong with me taylor swift
    naturally selena golmaz

  24. EJ88

    Hey when I start a blog I will tell u what my address is but can I plz have…
    Tik Tok and blah blah blah-Kesha
    Down and do you remember-Jay Sean
    Ima be and meet me halfway and rock that body-Black eyed peas
    all lady gaga songs that have been popular like telephone
    Sweet Dreams,Halo,Single Ladies,Diva-Beyonce
    Right round,low,in the ayer,jump-Flo Rida
    When I Look At you,Butterfly fly away,The climb,See you again-miley Cyrus
    Starstukk ft katy perry-3OH3!
    hot n cold,i kissed a girl,waking up in vegas and thinking of u-Katy Perry
    and one time and baby-Justin Bieber
    so what and funhouse and bad influence-pink
    naturally and tell me something i dont know-Selena Gomez
    Put it in a lovesong-Alicia Keys ft Beyonce
    in my head and watchya say-jason derulo
    rude boy-rhianna
    hey soul sister-train
    fire burning-Sean Kingston

    • EJ88

      actually delete all of that i changed my mind ill ask when i have a site

  25. keller98

    go to: http://www.playlist.com or http://www.mixpod.com to get a music player. Click on my name to go to my site.

  26. EJ88

    okay twinkles im ready for a music player and I just wanna say this might take a while cause i have a lot of music in mind sorry ok

    Tik Tok and Blah Blah Blah-Kesha

    In my head and whatcha say-Jason Derulo

    hotel room,i know you want me,shut it down-Pitbull

    memories,sexy b***ch,when love takes over-David Guetta

    the climb,butterfly fly away,when i look at you,party in the usa and fly on the wall and see you again,7 things,lets get crazy-Miley Cyrus

    White Horse,you belong with me,love story and today was a fairytale-Taylor Swift

    naturally and tell me something i dont know-Selena Gomez

    single ladies and halo and sweet dreams and diva and crazy in love-Beyonce

    bad romance,telephone,poker face,just dance,eh eh eh nothing else i can say,lovegame and papparazzi-Lady Gaga

    low,in the ayer,right round,sugar,jump-Flo Rida

    hot n cold,i kissed a girl,thinking of you and waking up in vegas-Katy Perry

    So What,funhouse,bad influence,god is a dj,trouble-Pink

    baby and one time-Justin Bieber

    dead and gone and whatever you like-T.I

    3,piece of me and womaniser and circus-Brittany Spears

    fire burning-sean kingston

    hey soul sister-Train

    rude boy,disturbia,dont stop the music,SOS,umbrella,unfaithful and rehab-Rhianna

    Girlfriend,Best damn thing,skator boy-Avril Lavigne

    big girls dont cry,glamorous,fergilicious,london bridge,get ready-Fergie

    boom boom pow,I gotta feeling,meet me halfway,rock that body and Ima be-Black Eyed Peas

    Down and do you remember-Jay Sean

    starstrukk ft katy perry-3OH3!

    put it in a lovesong-Alicia Keys and Beyonce

    Empire state of mind-Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

    let it rock-Kevin Rudolf

    not fair,22 and the fear and smile-Lily Allen

    shake it-metro station

    bottle pop,buttons,i hate this part,when i grow up and beep-Pussycat Dolls

    hot summer-Rhys

    the way I are-Timberland

    If we ever meet again-Timberland ft Katy Perry


    evacuate the dancefloor and everytime we touch-Cascada

    bonkers-dizee rascal

    shadow of the day-Linkin Park

    take a bow-Rhianna

    kiss me thru the phone-Soulja boy

    shes a genius-JET

    sweet december-short stack

    last day on earth-Kate Miller-Heidke

    get shaky-Ian Cary Project

    day n night-kid cudi

    mama do (uh oh uh oh)-Pixie Lott

    the boy does nothing-Alesha Dixon

    what do you want from em-Adam Lambert

    haven’t met you yet-Michael Buble

    party people-Nelly ft Fergie

    toxic-Brittany Spears

    Thx twinks my website is ej88luvscazmo.wordpress.com
    and I need help editing it plz help meee!!! and how do you put the things from fodey.com on ur blog!!!????

  27. EJ88

    oh and can you do what keller98 did where you get it from mixpod and u put the videos on and its on an ipod thx

  28. EJ88

    actually i figured out how to do it soz im fine thx anyways

  29. ej88luvscazmo

    actually can u do it i stuffed it and with the mix pod can i have an ipod nano purple with the animated affects which is i want the circles and can u add on my music break the ice-brittany spears and crank that soulja boy-soulja boy thx

    • Ambassador Twinkles


      • EJ88

        thx ur the best twink

      • EJ88

        oh and ur love is my drug by kesha and tik tok and do you remmeber in alvin and the chipmunks version plz

  30. gillbertson1

    can i have eminem we made you radio edit and bonjovi its my life?

  31. gillbertson1

    and thothin on you bob?

  32. gillbertson1

    and the song is by BoB lol

  33. pink tiger 1 and 2

    twinkles can you get one for me too?

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      umm what music..comment and give your site info xP

      • pink tiger 1 and 2

        the first and second songs on yours and my site is pinktiger12.wordpress.com

  34. tonycarlos

    i want all drakes song and lil wayne all hes songs

  35. Ambassador Lauren411

    i tried tuh post my music player on my wordpress buht iht keeps on saying post faileddd xII help ?

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      ok.how can i help you.What songs do you want?

  36. pink tiger 1

    Twinkles I don’t really need a music player any more because i realized that pc is not really fun and hardly anyone has their blog up any more so i made my blog a diffrent blog! 🙂

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