PC Skit




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12 Responses to “PC Skit”

  1. loveprincesspc

    uhh i odnt rlly get the sharky part

    • Twinkles

      actually you left so i had to end it with the shark

  2. DOTdotDOT

    I don’t get this.

  3. Ambassador Twinkles

    i know

  4. jackson142

    nice skit

  5. crazymusic

    LOL that was kewl. xD

  6. cazmoxoxo

    can i be in one

  7. allisonjwilliams11

    Im so Gifted, I was born to act ❤

    • allisonjwilliams11

      Btw Its meh Lp hehe

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      ee heh..lolz.
      that PCSkit was like..terrible
      dont even judge it

  8. pink tiger 1

    that mr shaky part rlly funny!

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