qυєѕт ¢нєαтѕ :)

Egg Quest

Rescue The Mods Quest

1. To start the quest open the map, go to the cazmo mall and talk to the mama caz,then click the first button

2. Now you must find the funky five who are: (1) The Alligator at the lake (2) The Lizard at the Ampitheater (3) The Bull at the Garage (4) The Giraffe inside the Club Cazmo (5) The Panda in Cazmo Mall

3. When you found all the funky five go to Town Square and talk to the Phrux and it will tell you to go talk to the Funky Five again and they will spell out a code name(tip: look at the quest items to find them all)

4. Once you found all the code names of the funky fives go talk to the Mama Caz at the Cazmo Mall she will give you access to see the Zib’s house

5. The Zibs will give you your CPC outfit(cpc hat and jacket)

6. Now you are commanded to go to space.Then follow the UFO around all 4 titles in the space, and bring back the “heliographer” left in the Fitness Center tile to the Zibs

7. Go talk to the mama caz and click I want to see the Zibs.Give them the heliographer and they will say to you check both Torgo and Jeff’s cazmo houses. Check Jeff’s first, and grab some “Yogurt Chips” and bring those to Torgos catfish in his house. He will say he’s “censoring” Torgo in space

8. Now go talk to the Zibs again and they will say to wait while they’re preparing to save them in Town Hall. What will happen is in a few weeks when a lot of people finish the quest we’ll all team up to save Jeff and Torgo!



~Talk to the owl at the post office to begin

Level One

Cyclops Skull – Lake Cazmo

Chalice of Eyes – Body Shop

Captive Snake – Space Port

Snailien -Town Square

Optonomicon – Playground

Map of wonder – Garage

When your done, go back to Town Hall and talk to the owl

Level Two

Snailen -Cazmo Mall(the tree next to clothing shop)

Cyclops skull – Theater

Map of wonder – Skateshop

Captive Snake – Inside club cazmo

Chalice of eyes – lake cazmo

Optonomicon – bodyshop

When finished go back to Town Hall and talk to the owl.

Level 3

Cyclops Skull – Behind Clothing shop

Chalice of Eyes – Behind bodyshop

Captive Snake – Cazmo Club (under the money tree)

Map of wonder- Neighborhood(hidden in bushes)

Optonomicon – Bodyshop( hiding behind the BIG TREE THAT IS FULL OF EYES)

Snailen – Playground (behind PARK sign)

Now your done the Mayors Mystery Quest.Now you can continue doing the quest and each time the owl will give you 100 cazmo coins! Talk to the owl, and he will give you A Wizard Suit:)


ραяяσт: ℓσ¢αтιση “тσωєℓz” ∂σωη яιgнт!

ριяαтє ƒℓαg: ℓσ¢αтιση “ρυмρ ιт” ∂σωη ℓєƒт!

gємѕ: ℓσ¢αтιση “ѕυη ιѕℓαη∂” яιgнт!

ριяαтє нαт: ℓσ¢αтιση “¢αzмσ вαℓℓ” вєѕι∂є тнє νσℓℓєу вαℓℓ ¢συят!      тяєαѕυяє ¢нєѕт: ℓσ¢αтιση “ѕтαтυє ιѕℓαη∂” мι∂∂ℓє!

ѕρуgℓαѕѕ: ℓσ¢αтιση “∂σ¢к 1″ υρ + вєѕι∂є яσ¢к!

¢σмραѕѕ: ℓσ¢αтιση “вℓυє нυт” υρ-яιgнт!

gσℓ∂ ¢σιηѕ: ℓσ¢αтιση “ι¢є нυт” ∂σωη яιgнт!

¢αηηση: ℓσ¢αтιση “ѕρℓαт нυт” ∂σωη яιgнт!

αƒтєя тнαт gσ вα¢к αη∂ тαℓк тσ ѕнαяку αη∂ нє ωιℓℓ тєℓℓ уσυ тσ ƒιя∂ ριяαтє ρєтє:

ριяαтє ρєтє: ℓσ¢αтιση “∂σ¢к 2″

уσυ ωιℓℓ яє¢ιєνє α ριяαтє ѕυιт αѕ α яєωαя∂.


Lloyed’s Quest

You have to find the…
Cup/Splat hut
Banana/Body shop
Laptop/Space port
Balloons/Club cazmo

Then,  go back to the zibs and lloyd is gonna be there and he did nothing just yet, but he was trying to hide from three ships they planted three bushes one is at the garage,playground,and statue island

Now,go back to the zibs to claim your prize.A sibs spy jacket will be added to your inventory,and you will be given an award for the completed quest.

weezer's quest

Have Fun



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