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56 Responses to “PC BUDDIES (PICTURES)”

  1. Kitty

    Gassssp… Im not ur bff?

  2. twinkles12

    U r.I just havent put up ur pic.lol

    • lacey8fun

      ok im your bf you just havent done me and twink how did you do that ? love lacey

      • twinkles12

        i know you are.but idk.i dont have much time.ill do your picture later.kk

  3. Devi

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen town square as empty as the top picture (:

    • twinkles12

      yeah.that’s when they just had that NBA basketball court.:]

  4. briannaxoxo

    Omg twinkles little star! How can u forget me?

    • twinkles12

      oo.im sorry.i just cant make everyones but ill find a way to put your up there.lol

  5. MOMO

    im there im ther eim purple hair low piggytails

    • twinkles12

      lol ur soo funny xD

    • twinkles12

      oh.im sorry.i just got to know you though.and im sorry.i added you though.ill take your pic later.k?

      • EJ88

        Can u add me and put ME on plz

  6. Ambassador Neon Knights

    Twinks arent I ur best friend?

    • twinkles12

      of course you are 🙂

  7. I Sk8terGirl I

    LOL nice! “Take a picture of me!” xD

  8. momo

    im up there agian in the purple high pigs yay

  9. twinkles12


  10. keller98

    i hope u post my pic

    • twinkles12

      yes.i will.when i have time.kk

  11. Ambassador Roblox12

    xO Gasp!

    • twinkles12

      i am sorry.cant add everyone.Dx.but ill try to get ur pic up there.and keller’s 😀

      • Bayley

        This is nosence where is the new santa clause (Me)

  12. Paris007

    aww no u forgot me cough cough 😉 hehe

    • twinkles12

      aww.sorry.im sooo soo soooo sorry.ill add you right now.:D

  13. Ambassador Heart Broken

    Nice pic of me 😀

    ❤ Heart Broken

  14. Pink Metalic!

    =O meee? pleeease?

    • Twinkles

      ok.ill try.

  15. Rockerxoxo

    Twinklkes u forgot neon
    Btw Twinklkes twinklkes lil star

    • Twinkles

      i don’t really have time to do pics of my buddies D: but well
      i put him on my best friends list 😀

  16. loveprincesspc


    • Twinkles

      im sorry.i might add you later.only if i have time.kk

  17. I Sk8terGirl I

    haha i’m the 4th one thanks twinkles (; i love it how you took a picture of me when i was dressing up as a noob :] lol

    I Sk8ter Girl I

  18. Ambassador Twinkles

    umm oopsies? lol

  19. rocker 47

    I can help twink!

    Help is on the way 😉

    ~rocker 47 spreads the world~

    • Ambassador Twinkles


  20. Ddizzo


  21. emo kitty

    nice pic im not with them sad cause im not your friend but all cazmos my friends :p

  22. propelpc

    I know its hard to get all your buddies on there but you forgot me

  23. Cos


  24. jackson142

    im your friend why im not in there

  25. jangopengo

    =( I’m not your friend? XD lol

  26. Lauren411

    very sad day DX brie is the only one who posts me on her site

  27. puggeh

    ): im hurt lol jk

  28. Mcr love


  29. master ching ching

    hello i think u r forgetting the man (master ching ching)

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      sorry.this page has not been updated since last year.Lol

  30. youtubegirl18

    hi twink thx for putting my pic on there thxx XD 😉 ps ur frined youtubegirl18

  31. candypops12

    Aww Pinky 😦 U said i was ur bff 😦 I realised im not ur only one….Im so sadd

  32. jazzyjasmina

    cough coucgh XC :(:((

  33. scoty boy

    its funny how only girls are up there

  34. Ambassador gibson guitars 100

    I think this page was a bad idea Twink don’t you? 😀

  35. Ambassador Twinkles

    this was from a long long time ago.. xP SORRY
    not recently updated

  36. I Sk8terGirl I

    whoaa, i don’t even remember that picture.
    it’s nice though, i’m glad you kept it up there ((:

    i miss you!!

    I Sk8terGirl I

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