How To Take A Picture And Upload It…

ok this is how to take a prt scr picture..
1)press the button once
2)every computer has a software called paint soo find it
3)click on paint
4)top left hand corner theres something that will say edit(press it)
5) go down to paste(click it)
6)youre going to see your whole snapshot of your screen
now edit it by using the second tool on the first column.
7)drag the box on the parts of the picture that you want and press Ctrl C(copy)
8)open a new paint window.
9)paste it onto the window..same as the first….
now you can resize and edit your picture..when youre finished…..—>
10)go up to file and press save as ….jpg.. jpg is the only one that works on wordpress perfer you to use it.
thats how you take a prt scr shot..

To upload a picture onto wordpress or blogger… press the Add An Image button right next to Upload/Insert.

Click on the browser upload(may be easier).After that click browse and search for your image.When you find your image click open file and then upload it.Now,you have an option to change your title,alignment, and size.I’d prefer to make it centered,but it’s your choice.If you are sure about your image,press insert into post.When everything is verified, press the publish button on the right hand side.Good Luck,and hope this helped.:P



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6 Responses to “How To Take A Picture And Upload It…”

  1. michael503

    thank you twinks it works alot

  2. pink tiger 1 and 2

    twinkles i dont understand? sorry im new to this.

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      oo its ok.when i have time ill tell you more about how to xP

      • pink tiger 1 and 2

        thanks twinkles.

  3. ☠ FrankenSPARX ☠

    Lol. Its a different story for people that have windows 7. You gotta use SnippingTool

  4. richdude2

    Nice Page!

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