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      ok.i did actually.xD nice

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  10. Ambassador Twinkles

    i have two blogs now.
    my other blog is
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    Thanks Twinkie! 😀 (nice site btw)

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  21. techienoob, there are plenty of hints and glitches here!

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    twink i need help on the newsletter if u click on spread the world theres a link u have to copy and paste somewhere for widgets where do u copy it… even brie couldnt do it DX

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    • Ambassador Twinkles


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  35. tape

    srry about the other comment i didnt see this page 😀

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    • Ambassador Twinkles

      sure 🙂

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    • Ambassador Twinkles

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    • Ambassador Twinkles

      Lol. I don’t know who you are c: -Twink

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