Visitor of the week.

Hello cazmos, this is a “NEW” page i like to call the visitor page.Here is where visiors (cazmos) will be picked to be in the visitor of the week election; kinda like how Chief elects Ambassadors.So which ever visitor has the most comments and gives the most views will get to be announced as VISITOR OF THE WEEK.Also you get a secret suprise.It will be different everytime.For ex. whoop rico is vistor of the week and he gets 10 cazmo cash.Then twink is announced visitor of the week and she gets the TIGER TAMER..You never know whats comming your way!!


Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

14 Responses to “Visitor of the week.”

  1. youtubegirl18

    ms.twink its never going to be me!!! XC

  2. mcr love


  3. bob the billy

    ok ill comment alot

  4. Jamesxoxo


  5. Jamesxoxo

    If I get this, I hope I either get cazmo cash or a rare item.

  6. Jamesxoxo

    I wonder whats coming my way.

  7. Hey hey hey

    I don’t when this page was made, but you cant give a tiger tamer..

  8. michael503

    cool thats seems awesome i wanna be it

  9. michael503

    like alot of comments or no

  10. 100% Crazy ^-^

    MS. TWINK. rofl. well that eez cooooooool. adios

  11. malicehunter

    All i want is Robot Sneakers!! And maybe a bit of cazmo cash…..

  12. ace 22

    wow twinkles u never told me about this keep up the good work like your blog

    • Ambassador Twinkles


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