My Birthday Party!

Posted On September 6, 2010

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Hey Cazmos!!!

This Tuesday will be my birthday party in Planet Cazmo & i plan a party

Here are the times:


~~~***You’ve been invited to Top Speed’s Party! Come to the party and RECEIVE A FREE GIFT! Join the fun at on:

Time: 10:00am on Tue Sep 07 , 2010 Eastern Time
Or: 9:00am on Tue Sep 07 , 2010 Central Time
Or: 7:00am on Tue Sep 07 , 2010 Pacific Time

Server: Beatstreet
Location: Top Speed’s house
Directions: From the map, select the house icon from the bottom and then ‘search houses’ to find this user’s house

Visit Planet Cazmo!

Please Note!: If you haven’t signed up for a free membership for Planet Cazmo, click above before the party or anytime to sign up!

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you at the party!

Planet Cazmo Staff***~~~

Note: If you will come please commend on my blog:

~Ambassador Top Speed~

~Spread The World~ ~


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