Posted On January 23, 2010

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Hey Peoplez,

Here is the moment yew all have been waiting for…. skates are finally here! &+ Theres a new winter shop! Some stuff is limited time only like the snowman outfit! Better get them fast! Also, Gus got a new winter luk ^.^ hehe. Also theres an Update. Now theres a button yew can push and pull up the chat box. Yew can write from there too! Yew can change a tab and still be able to know the convo! How AWESOME IS THT?!!?!?!? I forgot to put a little red box around the blue thingie. Just remember: When yew pull up the chat, press the arrow with the blue box around iht. =P. Yew can try to type numbers but iht wont work. On pc, ihtll say yew typed illegal characters this is yewr warning blah blah =P. Sorry about iht saying property of briexoxo, ihts just tht someone recently took my pic and I had to shut their site down because they wouldnt give me credit for iht. =(.Plus plus, yew can have a skating party at the lake. TOTAL PWNAGE haha. ( I just learned how to use pwn in a sentence =).) hehe. Anyways, as yew see in the pic ihts Dews party tht she didnt even show up fur. Rofl.
I took pics so yew can have a view of them:



One Response to “UPDATES!!!”

  1. Ambassador Twinkles

    ahh hah.you beat me brie.xD
    lol thx for the post xD i appreciate it

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