RD’s last words and final chapter.

Posted On April 22, 2010

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Hello friends of cazmo you have been probably wondering why i have disappeared automatically from planetcazmo well i turned 18 yesterday and i decided its time for me to go so i will be making  some lucky  cazmos to be an author on this wonderful old site which haven’t been updated in a super long time lol im sure you fans and friends are disappointed in me but i want to get away from online games and maybe one month this year i will visit and make new authors and if you will love to contact me to see how am i doing here is my email thunderkates165@aol.com i guess i will see you maybe sometime in November  i will try to make a date on that month i will see you guys then and PS i got my Ipod touch its really awesome! and if i hurted anyone’s feelings or don’t talked to them at all im really sorry but i will make it up to you guys somehow anyways i  will see you at November 20th 2010.