Cazmo down for good + More

Posted On October 1, 2012

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You guys probably already know but, Planet Cazmo has been down and out for awhile now. Meaning, the servers are down, and there is no way to play the game anymore. If you have been keeping track of Planet Cazmo’s twitter aswell, Big Dawg was saying how even at Planet Cazmo’s peak, they were still making a loss. (Thanks Rare for actually getting that out of him).

I’m sure we all have fond memories of Cazmo. It taught me to blog, taught me to work hard to accomplish goals. Such as the pcap, and once I joined, the friends I acquired have made me even more determined to be a blogger.

Here’s what I know about Cazmo at the moment. Planet Cazmo is forever down, and will never be up again. Lots of the PCAP are still active, and I believe Controller (pcap52 on twitter) may be planning a reunion on another virtual world. (Perhaps Little Space Heroes). I am still in contact with Mike, HeyHeyHey, Controller, Rare, NBA Jatt, Red Penguin12, Twinkles (she has a twitter, and I probably have her email) and some other pcap.

The reason that I have not told you cazmo’s/viewers earlier, is because my account was suspended due to thegamespot. But got released today.

 If you want to know about me, I still actively blog. But for another game, Little Space Heroes. I own a pretty decent blog ( where the moderators actually talk to me, on a daily basis.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading through what I had to say.

~Retired Silver Ambassador Puremana~


This blog is no longer active

Posted On June 2, 2012

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This blog is no longer active,

If you still want to have the latest news on Cazmo… Click the image below.

Spread the World

~Silver Ambassador Puremana~

Planet Cazmo needs Support!

Posted On May 9, 2012

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Heyo Cazmo readers,

For the past week there has been rumors from Cazmo itself saying that Cazmo might be shut down. I have been talking to the veteran Ambassadors and talking to the mods.

Unless we can do something to help cazmo out, I fear the game we all love may come to an end.  I will be arranging interviews and events to help Cazmo out, so make sure you check my active Cazmo blog.

Silver Circle Ambassdor

~Puremana   Spread the World!

Cazmo of the Week!

Hey Cazmo’s, new cazmo of the week in the papers! Remember to join up when you can to have your chance of claiming it!

Also, in other news. I might have to give up blogging. This is to do with Planet Cazmo.

Very wise cazmo’s have told me, its not the updates that makes planet cazmo. Its the players, but as the updates are dropping, so are the players. And right now, there is not many things to post about. So, in the future, this might be the end for Cazmo. I will always check how its going, and whats happening. Remember that.

~Silver Ambassador Puremana

Cazmo of the Week! Small Contest!!

Posted On September 27, 2011

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Hey Cazmo’s! Well i know you have been waiting for quite awhile now, but i’m having a small contest (one of many)! Now, all you have to do. Is

1. Subscribe to my blog, (This is how you enter)

2. Look for Moderator T0m3y’s picture (Like this , it could be anywhere on my blog and click it. You will be sent to a picture that has some numbers on it.)

3. Comment on this post with your cazmo name, and the number/numbers from number two. Once i get three comments, i will randomly choose one, and give them $20,000 Cazmo coins, the rest, i will give $1,000. (Contest closes when i say so)

Thanks! In other news, there is a new cazmo of the week! The picture is below.

Congratz LilLyssa! Make sure you enter every week!

~Silver Ambassador Puremana for all your cazmo updates, tips, and cheats!

New Gold and Silver Ambassadors!! And a New Cazmo Freedom Project!

Posted On May 7, 2011

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Its the day we have all been waiting for!! The new PCAP update! and many purple and silver ambassadors have been upgraded! Heres a list of both. 🙂 (including myself xD)

New Gold Ambassadors:
whoop Rico

New Silver Ambassadors:
Gibson guitars 100
Beta Dante
Padme star wars
Puremana (Me)

Heres a picture of the new Silver Ambassador Hat, Sneaky Ninja and I have.

Now the New Cazmo Freedom Project! (Heres news straight from PCAP Headquarters)

“Big news Cazmos!

As part of the Cazmo Freedom Project, very soon many more of the items in Planet Cazmo Shops will be available to buy for Cazmo Coinz! This will be the first of many exciting changes coming to your favorite alien world, Planet Cazmo. We hope you’re ready!”

~Silver Ambassador Puremana

Cazmo of the Week ~ Busy World!

Posted On April 25, 2011

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Hey Cazmo’z! Theres a new cazmo of the week again! Heres a picture of the lucky cazmo.

 Also in other news, Cazmo hit a huge high in cazmos online! town was packed with over 31 cazmos,  there was also spread out cazmos throughout the world!

~Ambassador Puremana

Ambassador Gift!

Posted On April 23, 2011

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Hey Cazmo’z! Friday means a new ambassador gift! Well actually this gift has been passed around for awhile now… and it is. The pink zebra hat! Heres a pic.

In other news, i was having a great time on cazmo today at someones small party! Over 24 cazmos were there! Heres a pic.

~Ambassador Puremana

Fresh Updates!!! MUST SEE! ~puremana

Posted On March 26, 2011

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Hey Cazmo’z! I hope your excited because i sure am! Heaps of updates have just been added to Planet Cazmo!! And i am sorry for missing the bargains on Wednesday i was on a field trip. Heres some pictures to show them!

1. New Ambassador Gift. I personally dont like this gift very  much, no one wears it and its a waste of a week. Heres a picture of ‘Blue Fez’.

2.New Hot Deals!! Look below! *ONLY GREY CARGO’S ARE CAZMO COINS* ($800)

3. No Snow!! Look below if you dont believe it!



4. The biggest update, Cazbook GOALS!!



Please do try the Goals! They are well made and Lloyd is there to help!

~Ambassador Puremana


New Ambassador Gift!

Posted On March 18, 2011

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Hey Cazmo’s! New Ambassador gift here! 😛 look at the pic below.

(Green Sandals) Make sure you get some!

~Ambassador Puremana

for cheats, glitches and loads of fresh updates go to .


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