Planet Cazmo 2

Posted On February 17, 2016

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Yes! Some of us are currently working on developing another Planet Cazmo. For more information and updates about the game, please follow @CazmoTweets on Twitter. Spread the World!




6 Responses to “Planet Cazmo 2”

  1. speed4ever

    WOOOOOOW!!!!! I love youuuuu & i’m so so so so happy to hear that & i feel so freaking excited & i really wanna play Planet Cazmo again & again & meet all my friends there .. I missed that game alot & i always wish that if it could come back & suprisely it seems it will happen! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Ambassador Twinkles

    Yes! Quite exciting isn’t it? I’ve kept in touch with some of the old ambassadors and Chief himself. Do you have twitter? Follow @CazmoTweets for updates. It’s actually Chief and some of the old ambassadors who are working on it 🙂 -Spread The World-

  3. speed4ever

    Yeaaaah i’m so excited & i’m so happy that we will play Planet Cazmo again & meet all friends & have fun for sure!!

    Yes i do have Twitter & i start following @CazmoTweets!

    Please say my wonderful regards to all .. Spread the World! 🙂
    ~Ambassador Top Speed~

  4. Agent

    CazmoTweets is not affilliated with Pileated Pictures nor Happy Giant, the creators of Planet Cazmo. The individual running that twitter account is a fraud. Feel free to DM me for proof. @Im_Agent

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      Yes. Not affiliated with Pileated or Happy Giants at all! A team is recreating the game on Roblox. It’s not like Planet Cazmo, but it’s sort of has a nostalgic feel to it!

      • Ambassador Twinkles

        It’s not going to be anything like the original Planet Cazmo, but it’s just a fun Roblox game with some aspects of Planet Cazmo incorporated into it. Mainly made by old ambassadors.

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