Planet Cazmo Reunion

Posted On March 30, 2013

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Hey guys! It’s twinkles. There will be a Planet Cazmo Reunion on 26/4  on

Where: Newtown on Turtle World

Time: USA- 6 PM  UK- 11 PM    Australia- 8 AM    Phillipines- 6 AM    New Zealand- 10 AM
Hope to see all of of you guys soon 🙂

-Spread the word- Twinkles

turtle world


4 Responses to “Planet Cazmo Reunion”

  1. Jasmina Jazzy

    I’ll try and make it! I miss you guys!!:(

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      I miss you Jasmina ❤

  2. vwervwervwervwerv

    the snowman is still around us………………..

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      Who is this? 🙂

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