Cazmo down for good + More

Posted On October 1, 2012

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You guys probably already know but, Planet Cazmo has been down and out for awhile now. Meaning, the servers are down, and there is no way to play the game anymore. If you have been keeping track of Planet Cazmo’s twitter aswell, Big Dawg was saying how even at Planet Cazmo’s peak, they were still making a loss. (Thanks Rare for actually getting that out of him).

I’m sure we all have fond memories of Cazmo. It taught me to blog, taught me to work hard to accomplish goals. Such as the pcap, and once I joined, the friends I acquired have made me even more determined to be a blogger.

Here’s what I know about Cazmo at the moment. Planet Cazmo is forever down, and will never be up again. Lots of the PCAP are still active, and I believe Controller (pcap52 on twitter) may be planning a reunion on another virtual world. (Perhaps Little Space Heroes). I am still in contact with Mike, HeyHeyHey, Controller, Rare, NBA Jatt, Red Penguin12, Twinkles (she has a twitter, and I probably have her email) and some other pcap.

The reason that I have not told you cazmo’s/viewers earlier, is because my account was suspended due to thegamespot. But got released today.

 If you want to know about me, I still actively blog. But for another game, Little Space Heroes. I own a pretty decent blog ( where the moderators actually talk to me, on a daily basis.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading through what I had to say.

~Retired Silver Ambassador Puremana~


4 Responses to “Cazmo down for good + More”

  1. Ambassador Twinkles

    Sigh.I truly miss you guys:( Sucks that cazmo shut down.I wished that they could reopen cazmo for just one more day for us to have a final good bye.:( If you guys want to stay in touch, email me at 🙂 Keep on twinklin! -love, twink (mina)

    • ambassadorpure

      Twinkles! Long time no see. I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. You motivated me to be an ambassador, and when I got it (thanks to you), you were always kind and recommended me. I really can’t thank you enough. 🙂
      If you want to stay active, my twitter is ‘@SpaceHeroLol’ and my new blog is now
      Love ya!

  2. Ambassador Twinkles

    Hey pure! I miss you! That’s nice that you gave me a lot of credit, but think about it, it’s you that made yourself an ambassador through hard work. You are leader material and well deserved it yourself. ❤ I miss talking to you Pure. We need to catch up on each other! Hopefully, Ill hear from you again. Love you too!

  3. Ambassador Twinkles

    I really like your website btw. It looks lovely 🙂

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