PlanetCazmo reunion party! Win 30CazmoCash and meet the Oldies of cazmo!

Hi Cazmos, RareRufc from here!
Im inviting you all to what will be a HUGE PARTY! You will get the chance of winning 30CazmoCash, a jet pack, a unicycle or one of the 100ClothingItems! Everyone’s a winner :-)! Here’s the details:

Please spread the world about this party, post it on your blogs, tell people about this event on PlanetCazmo and do as much as you can to get this party as big as possible! If the picture isn’t working ; here’s what it says-
When:Saturday 26th May 2012
Time:4PM cazmo time (most areas of USA) or 10PM united kingdom time (UK&wales)

Remember,1 lucky cazmo will win 30CazmoCash, and the runner ups will get a jet pack and a unicycle!

Other than that, I’ll be playing ALOT of party games and be giving away a total of 100Clothing items!

Get ready. This will be HUGE!



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