Cazmo of the Week!

Hey Cazmo’s, new cazmo of the week in the papers! Remember to join up when you can to have your chance of claiming it!

Also, in other news. I might have to give up blogging. This is to do with Planet Cazmo.

Very wise cazmo’s have told me, its not the updates that makes planet cazmo. Its the players, but as the updates are dropping, so are the players. And right now, there is not many things to post about. So, in the future, this might be the end for Cazmo. I will always check how its going, and whats happening. Remember that.

~Silver Ambassador Puremana


2 Responses to “Cazmo of the Week!”

  1. Queenie 123 (cazmo member)

    hi didnt know how to contact you but basically on planet cazmo we are having sort of a reunion for all the planet cazmo people because it is closing down soon. Great if you could come! Sunday 29th of April at ten oclock english time in town square!

    • ambassadorpure

      Sorry I couldn’t make it. Haven’t been active lately, but now since I fear cazmo is coming to an end I’m going to start posting regularly. How’ve you been btw?

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