Fresh Updates!!! MUST SEE! ~puremana

Posted On March 26, 2011

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Hey Cazmo’z! I hope your excited because i sure am! Heaps of updates have just been added to Planet Cazmo!! And i am sorry for missing the bargains on Wednesday i was on a field trip. Heres some pictures to show them!

1. New Ambassador Gift. I personally dont like this gift very  much, no one wears it and its a waste of a week. Heres a picture of ‘Blue Fez’.

2.New Hot Deals!! Look below! *ONLY GREY CARGO’S ARE CAZMO COINS* ($800)

3. No Snow!! Look below if you dont believe it!



4. The biggest update, Cazbook GOALS!!



Please do try the Goals! They are well made and Lloyd is there to help!

~Ambassador Puremana



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