New Admin and Bargains!

Posted On January 6, 2011

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 Hey Cazmos! Rockerstark here, and i’m the new admin on Ambassador Twinkles’ blog!! I hope you accept me into the world of Planet Cazmo blogging xD anyways, here is a picture of me and Ambassador Twinkles at her house while I was getting ready for posting on the blog….

Also, here is a screenshot that I took of the NEW bargains that have come too Cazmo.. If you havn’t noticed them go to the Town Square and check ’em out. They’re pretty hot!!

Spread The World!

-Rockerstark (Soon Too Be Ambassador xD)


2 Responses to “New Admin and Bargains!”


    twinkles, i am dissapointed in you for abandoning me on cazmo with noone i know. Who will i talk to now? You didn’t even say bye 😥 Plus i cant talk to you on that annoying xat as you need to subscribe. Well, I wish you luck in the future. BTW i found out my theory to life which i wrote on my GCSE paper which is basically the exam that tells me where I am going to end up in life. (your finals) because i want to give a message to my examiner and everyone else how i don’t care for their silly little tests. I wrote something on the lines of:

    Life is like a prison, you cannot escape it. You are never truly free, you may think you are but you are not. We have little a time on this small rock which we call home so why waste it working. Go and live life to the full. Don’t have your cup half full or half empty. Pour it into another smaller glass so that it’s full. The thing that you call your life isn’t there to be wasted. Its not their so you can watch it decompose from your office wondering what you have done with your life. Go live yourself out. It’s not what life brings to YOU, it’s what YOU bring to life. So keep calm and carry on. In conclusion, I wish to say to everyone that they don’t need to be enslaved in this harsh world but that they need to live their lives to it’s greatest sanctuary. After all, nobody gets out alive. Always remember….true lasting happiness is NOT acquired by money, although you may think it is, you are wrong.

    I wish you luck in the future twinkles and that you for fill your dreams. never say no. Keep your head up high and carry on.

    Goodbye forever 😦
    controller (James) controller sounds weird lol xP

    • Ambassador Twinkles

      Sorry.If you want to talk to me, Im on

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