Happy Holidays!!

Posted On December 18, 2010

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Heres the ticket:

Here are some Artist that performed in the Cazmo Concert:

*Alson the Cazmo concert will start tommorrow at 12:00 (NOON) until 12:00 (MIDNIGHT). See ya there!
-Also these are the only artist ive seen tonight..I will post more if they perform tomorrow! Thankz!

-Silver Circle Ambassador Rico 😉


5 Responses to “Happy Holidays!!”


    Twinkles, i dont know if you still go on here but I decided to quit Planet Cazmo. My reason for this is because everyone that I REALLY counted as a friend has gone; Mikeafc, 7ronaldo27, goop, cmcm, jazz58 and all that lot, and now you are leaving. You were the only person on cazmo that I actually enjoyed talking to since we are the same age and everyone else is much younger than us. I am gonna leave at the end of the xmas holidays probably. I will still pop in and say hi every now and then. It just that cazmo isnt what it used to be. Old cazmo was the best. When i get Xbox Live for xmas as mine ran out ill add you. Your name is “Phantom323” i think. If not. Mine is TKZ CARNAGE if you want to add me. That way we can stay in touch.

    Merry Christmas
    Gold Ambassador controller

    • pclover12

      This is Ambassador Rico…WHy are you quiting..? Send me emails so we can stay in touch..your the best Ambassador on cazmo..(1 of them)..But your cool..Comon stay you can always count on me..! Trust me..My email is whoopricopc@gmail.com!


    Rico, the only thing that will make me stay is of Twinkles stays. If you see her, tell her that I said this. Shes one of the best friends and to watch her go along with all the rest of all my other close friends ive watched leave cazmo over the years, it just leaves me with nothing. Please tell her if u see her.


    Twinkles if you are gonna quit you better not do it silently. You get online sometime and say goodbye ;). Controller

  4. ♫♫яσcкєяѕтαяк♫♫

    Hey queen Of The Wafflez x) maii email ish JustMikhail@gmail.com send meh an invitee!! =D baii

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