Posted On October 9, 2010

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5 Responses to “EEEGOR’S HOLIDAY QUEST :)”

  1. rafealmsm

    i heared that u need a new header for yr blog if thats true then just inform me by commenting on my blog saying what u need exactly cuz iam the best at photoshop .. and u r one of my best freinds so just tell me what u want and iam apple to do what u want .. thanx .
    ~Rafeal msm~
    ~Spread The World~

  2. Twinkles

    LOL.who told you that?I never asked anyone for a header or anything.Lol.It would be nice for a new header though?You dont HAVE to make it but its optional 😛
    luv yah

  3. rafeal msm

    then next time if u want just inform me
    Rafeal msm
    Luv yah too lol

  4. PCBH

    Hi darling, May i join your blog. XD

  5. PCBH

    if you are gonna add me email is x]

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