im kinda feeling left out…..

Posted On April 26, 2010

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hi guys.

i am not in a very well mood right now.

It’s about the Ambassadors.

all my Friends are coming Ambassadors


queenie 123





and im startting to feel left out.

I dont know if cheif will say Yes or No

And so on.

Right now

im listening to a song

called Breath

by Taylor Swift

and thats what i feel kinda right now

type it in on

All im saying is im feeling a little left out now

Now i need to get use to all ambassador bages on my buddylist.

well thats all im wanting to tell you



7 Responses to “im kinda feeling left out…..”

  1. mcr love

    aww its ok

  2. Ambassador Twinkles

    awww…hey girly..i felt like that once too when all my friends became ambassador and i was all left out.Lol.Its ok.I still have hope and faith for you..I know you’d become ambassador one day.Don’t worry.(no guarantees but lol) Keep your head up high.

  3. slash2good

    Cazmo, Cheif Ambassador has a LOOOOOOOONG Waiting List of Ambassadors. I asked back in september of 2009 and I havnt gotten a Responce until now. You will get a Reply eventually, But it will take Time.

    ~Ambassador Slash2good

  4. scoty boy

    i feel left out too but in a diffirent way i feel like people use me by adding me then saying can i have an ambassador gift then ignore me forever untill the next ambassador gift come out…

  5. scoty boy

    and by the way cool thats my hot tub in your icon 🙂

  6. scoty boy

    i mean to say header

  7. scoty boy

    ment i mean and i meast up twice :/

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