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Posted On April 16, 2010

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Do you like taking advantage of? Me? No, I hate it. At school there are a lot of people taking advantage of because they wish they could fit in. Maybe that relates to Planet Cazmo, maybe it doesn’t. You don’t need cazmo cash to be cool, I mean I had a lot of friends, even though I wasn’t a member. A lot of people might be taking advantage of on Planet Cazmo. What’s the deal with people asking, “Hey, can you buy me cazmo cash?” They ask me that all the time. When people add me, and I accept. They always ask that question. I became a member of Planet cazmo after about 2 months joining it. (I know, I was veryyy addicted to Planet Cazmo) I would get on about everyday and not even bother with my homework until about 10:00 or 9:00pm. I spent most of my time talking to friends, updating my site (that time I wasn’t an ambassador), and talking to my boy friend (as in a boy who is a friend). Wow, the title doesn’t really summarize this whole thing, but my point is…Try not to be the one who is take advantage of. If you’re taken advantage of, you can’t really stop. That just leads into drama, and believe me, a lot of people hate drama. (If you read my post about drama)


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