Be who you are!

Posted On April 15, 2010

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A lot of people on Planet Cazmo don’t want to be who they are! I mean, how should I know? (Ahaha, don’t worry…I’m not a stalker!) Why are people afraid to be who they actually are? Are they scared? Do they want to be popular? I suggest you don’t care what people think. If you love barbie dolls (I actually hate them.) name your pet I LOVE BARBIE DOLLS or whatever. Who cares what other people think? I’m actually shy in real life. (Bet you didn’t know that :P) I’ve observed that people cuss on there, anyone ever tell you, “WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!” Well if you didn’t, there you go! If your parents let you, what the heck? Why need my permission? I’m just saying, there are probably 10 year old kids cussing there heads off right now. That’s one of the main problem on Planet Cazmo. Us being afraid of who we actually are. In real life, I’m actually hilarious! (I get that from my bffs all the time ;)) So yeah, there is a lot of opinions about your style, your hair, or even your skin color. I just think it isn’t fair to people being themselves and getting picked on. If you love a hair color or a hair style, give it a try! You might actually find it fits you 😀 Thanks so much for reading, I hope to post maybe everyday! (Or well try at least)

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One Response to “Be who you are!”

  1. Mcr love

    Hb, i was afraid to show my funniness to the world and pc but after i read that u made me share it i was shy in rl now im all hyped up thank u hb

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