Thanks To Everyone.

Posted On April 12, 2010

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Hey Peoplez,

Thank all of you so much. I didnt know that I started this much of a spark on cazmo. The post I had made just was basically a rant, but everyone is really getting into it. I thank all of you so so much. Im glad that I was heard by so many great people. Even cazmos that havent been on in ages! Thank you guys once again so much and I hope that we can actually do something about this all. We need as many people as we can on cazmo to help change the path that cazmo is on its way on. I want cazmo the way it used to be, welcoming and fun for others. If this doesnt happen what is the point of even logging on? What is even the point of my site? Of that site? Of any site that has to do with cazmo? Absouletly nothing. So come on, post about this everywhere you can. Only you can help save cazmo.



One Response to “Thanks To Everyone.”

  1. Ambassador Twinkles

    Glad ur back 🙂

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