Seeing Through A Noobs Eye Part 2

Posted On April 12, 2010

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by LaUrEn411

i too have feelings lyke brie..i made a noob acc and no one (yet) knows waht iht is. i tried following meh Lauren411 acc so i can see how they wud treat meh, and lyke brie said…iht wuz torture. Brie doesn’t point out ppl..buht i do. i wuz at twink’s house and there wuz a convo about dirtbikes. i tried saying hi, but only one person named dirtbike 777 (lolz, right convo) said hi to me. but thats all i got!! just a hi!!! i tried talkin to sum other friends lyke whoopie….speed…..but they wouldnt even give meh a hi Dx. one day later i went on meh noob acc again…this time in t square. i said hi, and the only person who wuz kind enough to say hi tuh meh is michael503..buht the thing is…he wuz at the house the other day too!!!! i tried sayin hi to gummie…but she didnt respond either. y r noobs being underestimated?!? waht has cazmo turned into??? a dating site?? NO. a look down on ppl site?? NOOO. everyone is supposed tuh b EQUAL. I ENCOURAGE YEW TO MAKE A NOOB ACC SO YEW KNOW HOW IHT FEELS LYKE TO B PUT DOWN AND HAVING NO ONE BY YEWR SIDE. THEN YEW WILL KNOW HOW TO TREAT NOOBS. but the worst case wuz from hot boy online. the chat speaks fer ihtself:

the innocent noob is in yellow, innocent meh is in light blue, and guilty underestimater is in red

jansyn is just an innocent noob that doesnt know that cazmo isnt a dating site. then hot boy online ruins her fun.

p.s. i said lolz bcuz of a txt i got


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