Ginormous. Unsymmetrical. Weird Glitches.

Posted On February 7, 2010

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Hey Peoplez,

I had to keep the title short and sweet. =P. First of all, when I logged on I was a alien outline (which happens alot) But iht usually loads after a while. In this situation iht didnt happen. I was just a green outline foreverrr. =P. So I went somewhere else to see if I could fix iht. Then I went back to town square and now only some of my body loaded. I was missing my neck, and my arms. Weird huh? Anyways, Second on the adgenda. Pc made themselves very unsymmetrical in town square. They have the fort on one side, but the other side is completly blank. Iht looks weirddd. I guess when they put the Valentines Day stuff in they erased iht? Idk. Third on the adgenda is the Ginormous Ridonkulus Show. While they were talking to Black Wolf, I noticed that he was sitting and walking under him. Kindah hard to explain. But iht was rlly awesome. Ginourmous rlly knows how to get people laughing =). I enjoyed Souleo. Hes not lyke other famous people, hes rlly down to earth. =). I took pics so enjoyyy!



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