Posted On December 24, 2009

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Today PC came with UPDATES! Along with what every ambassador has been waiting for… THE GOLD AND SILVER AMBASSADOR PROGRAM!!!! Congrats to Black Wolf, Crab, Aejesz, Minnie01, Tape, Bluesweden, AgentCazmo, Champions, and much more! Sadly I didn’t make it 😦 Kinda bummed since I tried my hardest and all, but we’ve got to be a good sport about it right? RIGHT! Ok.. now onto the updates… Ginormous has a new quest! Help him find his clones! Also, three new types of alien reindeers came out to the pet shop! (nonmembers: 40 cc each, members: 20 cc each)


First go to the neighborhood to find Ginormous Ridonkulous.

Go to these places to find his clones:

Now go back to Ginormous, and get a reward of 200 coinz! And a chance to be in his very own talkshow coming soon!

~New Reindeer Pets~

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    check mine

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