Here is a song to twinkles :D

Posted On July 20, 2009

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hello dere twinkles ur the one who makes the stars sparkle 😀  – see – twinkle twinkle lil star 😀



(it dont sound like a song BUT IDC )


7 Responses to “Here is a song to twinkles :D”

  1. twinkles12

    awww.thanks QT you rock my world 😀
    lol how sweet 🙂

  2. Ambassador hey hey hey

    your become pcap/!?!

    • Twinkles

      who me??i have no clue :C

      • Ambassador hey hey hey

        you put a widget that says twinkles pcap blog and btw i love the music well the jonas brothers and hannah montanna stuff

      • Twinkles

        i did??

      • Ambassador hey hey hey

        o wow im stupid it says play

      • Twinkles


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